Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings

January 28, 2008

Sharon Jones and BoscoIf you were one of the lucky ones to catch Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings at Walters on Washington you witnessed two extraordinary events. One was Sharon and her amazing band, the other was the opening act – the Ivan Milev band. Milev a Bulgarian accordion legend played his brand of Bulgarian folk music with violinist Entcho Todorov to an astonished crowd at the fabled Walters. As the two took the stage the sold out crowd didn’t know what was about to hit them. Playing song after song of dizzying time changes the crowd gave them cheer after cheer. This seemed to really get Milev and Todorov pumped stating that Houston was the best crowd that they had played to on this tour. Rarely have I ever seen an opening act get so much response from a crowd.

After a short break the 8 piece Dap-Kings took the stage to warm up for Jones. Let this be known the Dap-Kings are not merely a warm up band or are they to be taken lightly. Although they are young beyond their years they are seasoned musicians with deep roots. They have been getting a lot of press since they played back up for Jones younger, crazier British counterpart Amy Winehouse’ Back to Black. Bosco and Binky, stalwarts from the Soul Providers days played the role of ring leaders keeping the the crowd and band in step. With the band warmed up the Georgia born, Brooklyn raised Jones took the stage for the first time in almost 4 years and the crowd let her know just how happy they were to see her. Always the show lady Jones grabbed people from the crowd all show long. At one point a somewhat drunk girl in a way too short skirt jumped on stage and licked Jones foot to the laughter of everyone within range of it.
 Sharon Jones
Jones and the Dap-Kings played songs from all three of the full length releases including many from their fall 2007 release 100 days 100 nights. The high energy was one that should not have been missed by even the fairest of fair-weather fans. I’m sure they will be back but we hope it doesn’t take them another 3+ years to get back to H-town

For more on Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and their other label mates please visit the Daptones site. To see more Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings photos from Walters visit Deneyterrio‘s flick stream

Thanks to Pam of Walters on Washington. You’re a great host.

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