The Daily Grind Restaurant is Teh Suck

December 1, 2008

This past Sunday my wife and our friend decided to meet for a late breakfast. At my suggestion we tried the Daily Grind on Washington. I hadn’t been there in a while and had been meaning to as their breakfast sandwiches are fantastic.

My wife and I arrive and our friend was at the counter ordering her food. Excited as we’re up next we both order the breakfast sandwich with coffee. The woman(#1) behind the counter notifies us that they may be out of  croissants. Checking she confirms that they are out. The key ingredient in their breakfast sandwich is the croissant so we cancelled our order and I ordered the Migas, my wife ordered an omelet with potatoes. Two simple orders.

”That will be $26.35 please.” Woman #1 said

“Are you freaking kidding me? For a half order of migas, one omelet and two coffees?” I screamed in my head.

I paid without mentioning my displeasure, it was a nice day and I wasn’t going to ruin it by complaining about being overcharged for eggs, potatoes and tortillas. Flag #1

The restaurant was nearly a third full so we were hoping that it wouldn’t take long.

My wife and I went to grab some coffee, they were out. No problem, they went to brew some more. The last time I was there they had a variety of coffees, now there was house and decaf. Hey these are trying times, no big deal. Flag #2

Some more people entered and every time the front door opened it was violently slammed shut by the strong spring on the door. It was a jolt to the system but otherwise was bearable. Flag #3

This was red flag number three but by all means no reason to throw in the towel just yet.

We waited for the coffee and talked. We waited some more. Then another women(#2) brought out plates that weren’t ours. She tried to find the table who’s marker # matched her order but couldn’t find it. They figured the people left. Noticing that I ordered the migas she offered the plate to me. I don’t eat meat and this one had chorizo so I declined. Woman #2 put the plates of food back on the counter and asked woman #1 if she saw marker # 6. Woman #1 said she did not and woman #2 rudely stated she was going to leave the food right there until woman #1 figured it out. Flag #4

We waited some more.

The family of five next to us were starting to get a little antsy waiting for their food.

We waited some more. Flag #5

An hour passes and our friend gets her order, its slightly wrong. No big deal but it’s just another reason to not be happy. My wife’s order comes out, it is slightly wrong as well. Flag #6

I wait for my food.

Woman #1 passes by to another table and on her way back by our table I mention to her that we have waited over an hour in a nearly empty restaurant and that the kitchen has gotten our orders wrong. I try to bring her in close so as no other patrons can hear me. I me be opinionated some times but I do not want to draw attention to me or the restaurant. I’m still, at this point, giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming these tiny things that have happened are just a series of mishaps. I wanted to take one for the team.

“Oh sorry we told people the wait would be at least 45 minutes” Woman #1 says

“We weren’t told that” All three of us chimed in unison.

“I can’t remember who was told what.” Flag #7

We all look at each other confused.

“Oh that’s ok, do you want your money back?” Woman #1 asks.

We don’t say anything.

“That’s fine I’ll get you your money”

I feel a little embarrassed and angry that I potentially caused a scene. The three of us were unhappy and living in the free country that we do we have a right to voice our displeasure in the level of service we paid for and received yet I feel that I was ‘out of line’ somehow.

I still did not have my food at this point

Woman #2 appears throws down $20(my total bill was $30, our friends was $14 – $44) and says “That’s all your getting, you’ve got your food and that’s all your getting.” She storms back to the counter. Flag #8

My wife follows with her plate of food to talk to this woman at the counter. Woman #2 grabs the plate of food from my wife and throws it in the garbage. She then called my wife a piece of shit and told her to get out of her restaurant. Turns out woman #2 was the owner of the Daily Grind.

She yells at our friend and I from behind the counter, across the room in front of her entire restaurant that we need to ‘get the fuck out of here you pieces of shit.’


I could not believe that we were being treated this way. After a series of red flags we chose to voice ourselves and now we were being belittled and thrown off the property. We were not loud while we waited, we talked and drank the horrible coffee. We tried to tell Woman #1 that we weren’t happy. We didn’t ask for a refund, it was offered. Now the owner who only 5 minutes before was falling hand over feet to help another patron get some coffee was now going apeshit on us for complaining.

She is still screaming at us and our friend gets up to meet her at the counter to try and resolve this in a mature manner. She tries to speak to her in a quiet tone so as to bring some order but the owner was not having any of it.

“Get the fuck out of here you pieces of shit and never come back!” She screams again.

“Go to fucking IHOP.” She says while flicking her hand as if to shoo us away.

Now say what you will about IHOP and their menu but at least they have a code ethics and the big rule in that code of ethics that all businesses in the service industry adhere to is; The customer is always right, even when they aren’t.

Well, we were and now this woman is going insane. My wife and I have never backed down from a fight before so this woman has obviously gotten our blood boiling.

“Are you serious.” I say to her still trying to figure out if I am still asleep or not.

“Get the fuck out of here! Get the fuck out of here!” She screams again.

It was obvious we were dealing with a raging lunatic. I started to think that maybe she had a bad day, maybe she let most of her kitchen staff go and wasn’t expecting another 10 people to show up. I was still trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Then she called us pieces of shit again. Clearly this woman is unstable and should be avoided at all costs. I know I will never go back even if she would let me. Daily Grind is dead to me.

The family of 5, who had just gotten their food before us, got up to leave. No doubt leaving their half eaten meals on the table in disgust.

Another patron met us in the parking lot as we were leaving and said that the owner was crazy and that she would never be back. It’s sad that all this happened on such a nice day, I still cannot believe it. I have never been accosted like that and had to pay for it.

I almost feel like taking this woman to small claims court and charging her with assault and robbery but I won’t I’ll just hit her in her pocket book and warn all of you to



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The Inaugural Orange Show Foam Raiser

September 2, 2008

THE FOAM RAISER with Saint Arnold Brewing Company
featuring Sideshow Tramps
and The Grass Skirts

Saturday, September 6, 7-10pm

Tickets $20 presale/$25 at the door

Colorful folk art, amazing music and delicious beer – three of our favorite things! This mini-beer festival features music by the Sideshow Tramps and The Grass Skirts, and unlimited samplings of Saint Arnold brews. Proceeds benefit the Orange Show Concert Series

Purchase tickets here

FoamRaiser Poster Final


Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings

January 28, 2008

Sharon Jones and BoscoIf you were one of the lucky ones to catch Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings at Walters on Washington you witnessed two extraordinary events. One was Sharon and her amazing band, the other was the opening act – the Ivan Milev band. Milev a Bulgarian accordion legend played his brand of Bulgarian folk music with violinist Entcho Todorov to an astonished crowd at the fabled Walters. As the two took the stage the sold out crowd didn’t know what was about to hit them. Playing song after song of dizzying time changes the crowd gave them cheer after cheer. This seemed to really get Milev and Todorov pumped stating that Houston was the best crowd that they had played to on this tour. Rarely have I ever seen an opening act get so much response from a crowd.

After a short break the 8 piece Dap-Kings took the stage to warm up for Jones. Let this be known the Dap-Kings are not merely a warm up band or are they to be taken lightly. Although they are young beyond their years they are seasoned musicians with deep roots. They have been getting a lot of press since they played back up for Jones younger, crazier British counterpart Amy Winehouse’ Back to Black. Bosco and Binky, stalwarts from the Soul Providers days played the role of ring leaders keeping the the crowd and band in step. With the band warmed up the Georgia born, Brooklyn raised Jones took the stage for the first time in almost 4 years and the crowd let her know just how happy they were to see her. Always the show lady Jones grabbed people from the crowd all show long. At one point a somewhat drunk girl in a way too short skirt jumped on stage and licked Jones foot to the laughter of everyone within range of it.
 Sharon Jones
Jones and the Dap-Kings played songs from all three of the full length releases including many from their fall 2007 release 100 days 100 nights. The high energy was one that should not have been missed by even the fairest of fair-weather fans. I’m sure they will be back but we hope it doesn’t take them another 3+ years to get back to H-town

For more on Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and their other label mates please visit the Daptones site. To see more Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings photos from Walters visit Deneyterrio‘s flick stream

Thanks to Pam of Walters on Washington. You’re a great host.

Support your local live acts and bars


Social Media and You

January 18, 2008

Meet Bobby. He’s a very popular guy. Bobby belongs to all the Social Media sites. His teacher and classmates all love Bobby but it wasn’t all this way. No, things were quite different. Quite different indeed



City Hall Toronto

January 8, 2008

City Hall Toronto, originally uploaded by deneyterrio.

An old photo I found and scanned. This was taking at City Hall in Toronto, don’t know what year. Maybe 2001-02


Low End Theory December Podcast

December 3, 2007

We here at the Low End Theory would like to let you know that December is now officially the month of Dub. If you would like to take a moment to celebrate please do, we can wait… …boy that was fun! If you are a fan of dub music or dub influenced music you are in luck with this months podcast. If you don’t, well – better luck next time. If you are a fan keep your eye out around Christmas time for holiday treat that is sure to warm those wintery nights.

To start the month of Dub off we have Noisehaper with his track Bushmasta. Next up, and I can’t believe it has taken us this long, we have the Easy Star All-Star with a Reggae redoing of Radiohead’s Electioneering featuring Morgan Heritage. Reggae Rigby, a track I played on the Revelry Report on KTRU a couple weeks back is in the #3 spot before we slide into Terminalhead & Mr_ Spee’s Twisted System. The Butch Cassidy Sound System keeps pace with Brothers & Sisters. International Observor’s London features some nice bass lines. I swear the vocal sample in Bogus Buddy’s Western Roots says ‘Hey Battie man, leave my girl alone’ but that makes no sense. There’s been a string of Marley remixes lately, I guess that’s what happens when you don’t want to go see the doctor, huh Bob? G-Corp gives Put It On (Again) a fresh face. Wwe featured a short tease of Bill Laswell’s redubbing of Horace Andy & the Aggrovator’s a Noisy Place a few podcasts ago, this month we bring you the whole track. Ralph Myerz And The Jack Herren Band put us in a trance with their track Savannah.  Kabanjak’s Revelation Dub gets a crossing of the minds remix by Perch. Easy Star All-Stars sneak back in with Time a track off their first dub master piece ‘Dubside of the Moon’. Wicked Beat Sound System’s Be Humble makes way for General Tso by Calbert Walker to round out the month of Dub.

So now all you have to do is be like Inkoluv and play over and over again, seen?

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The Clash

If I have to explain the importance of the Clash to everyone I haven’t done my job right. Without them the whole catalog of punk music would be a couple albums of bands redoing God Save the Queen. These four guys from Liverpool took the world on, one listener at a time. Dubbed ‘The only band that matters’ the Clash were a sonic force from the get-go. Influencing a ton of musicians they got bigger and bigger with every release and Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Topper Headon and Joe Strummer rose to god status with the 1979 release of London Calling. This album is the Strawberry Fields of punk rock. An opus in every way. Mixing punk, reggae and rockabilly amongst other sounds the Clash were always ahead of the game. Their sound pops up here and there in bands like the Libertines or Rancid but there is only one original.

They weren’t perfect though, eventually bands like the Clash disintegrate like the Beatles. Strummer would try to keep the band going but eventually stopped it in 1986, 10 years after the journey began. The other band members went on to record under different names; such as Jones’ Big Audio Dynamite but it was Strummer who remained vital to so many Clash fans. He personally influenced my life and I am thankful that there was the Clash. There are important as any band out there and continue to be.

The Clash were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003 but unfortunately Strummer passed away in December of 2002. This month, on the 22nd, marks the 5 year anniversary of his death of the unpunkly congenital heart defect. The man quite simply was a god. He believed in the rights of the common people and had the balls to stand in front of the world and say ‘yeah this is how I feel and if you don’t like get the fuck out of the way’

Rest in Peace, Joe. You are missed

Check out the Bankrobber video


Banned Commercial

November 19, 2007

Saudi Prince Hikes Up Your Gas Prices

November 13, 2007

Gas prices are expected to rise another 20c in the next little while, why is that?

One direct result could be what your gas money is funding.

It was announced today that Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has bought an Airbus A380 for $320,000,000.00. Damn that’s a lot of fill-ups. He is spending another $100,000,000.00 refurbishing this lavish plane to fit his needs. The plane is the largest passenger plane in the world. He is going to make it a ‘flying palace’ for himself. Isn’t that great?

He is a member of the Saudi Royal family but most of his money made from his various holdings, News Corp(Fox News), Apple(hooray, let’s buy a new Ipod), Pepsi and Walt Disney(I’ve never hated a mouse as much as I do now) to name a few.

It is 6000 sq ft and can sit 525 passengers. The prince will turn some of the plane into 7 bedrooms.

This is disgusting




Mustaches for Kids Meet & Greet

November 6, 2007

Hey growers!

This Thursday marks the official start of the Mustaches for Kids growing season with our first Meet & Greet. This IS NOT the shave day, that comes next Thursday November 15th. I will have pledge forms to hand out if you have no already downloaded one. If you want to beat the rush you can download it here.

Meet & Greet will be held at the Stag’s Head Pub

Stag’s Head Pub

2128 Portsmouth St.
Houston, Texas 77098

Sign Up Here for the Stache Competition here!

And don’t forget to pick up your Mustaches for Kids T-Shirt, all proceeds go to benefit Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center




Clutchy Hopkins in Houston

October 29, 2007

I did a blog post on Clutchy Hopkins and if he was real or not. Who can tell? Turns out the man that is Clutchy has ties to Houston. Check out this video of some homeless guys talking about Clutchy