Saudi Prince Hikes Up Your Gas Prices

November 13, 2007

Gas prices are expected to rise another 20c in the next little while, why is that?

One direct result could be what your gas money is funding.

It was announced today that Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has bought an Airbus A380 for $320,000,000.00. Damn that’s a lot of fill-ups. He is spending another $100,000,000.00 refurbishing this lavish plane to fit his needs. The plane is the largest passenger plane in the world. He is going to make it a ‘flying palace’ for himself. Isn’t that great?

He is a member of the Saudi Royal family but most of his money made from his various holdings, News Corp(Fox News), Apple(hooray, let’s buy a new Ipod), Pepsi and Walt Disney(I’ve never hated a mouse as much as I do now) to name a few.

It is 6000 sq ft and can sit 525 passengers. The prince will turn some of the plane into 7 bedrooms.

This is disgusting




Mustaches for Kids Meet & Greet

November 6, 2007

Hey growers!

This Thursday marks the official start of the Mustaches for Kids growing season with our first Meet & Greet. This IS NOT the shave day, that comes next Thursday November 15th. I will have pledge forms to hand out if you have no already downloaded one. If you want to beat the rush you can download it here.

Meet & Greet will be held at the Stag’s Head Pub

Stag’s Head Pub

2128 Portsmouth St.
Houston, Texas 77098

Sign Up Here for the Stache Competition here!

And don’t forget to pick up your Mustaches for Kids T-Shirt, all proceeds go to benefit Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center




Clutchy Hopkins in Houston

October 29, 2007

I did a blog post on Clutchy Hopkins and if he was real or not. Who can tell? Turns out the man that is Clutchy has ties to Houston. Check out this video of some homeless guys talking about Clutchy



Mustaches for Kids T-Shirts Announced!!

October 10, 2007

M4K Houston is pleased to announce that we have finalized a design for our inaugural Mustaches for Kids fund raiser. The wonderfully magnificent Daniel Meza has gone over and above the call of duty give us what we are now calling Deiter.

Check out Daniel’s design below


As I’m sure you can see Deiter’s stache is truly amazing and if he were real would be the clear winner of the Sweet Stache Competition. Thankfully Deiter cannot participate but his lovely mug can be yours. We are selling these shirts for $15 with all proceeds going to Texas Children’s Cancer Center. Yes I did type that right, shirts are only $15. Double XLs and up are $20 ea.

Tell me where on earth are you going to find a sweeter shirt than that? No where! To order a shirt drop me an email here telling me how many shirts you need, they make great presents, and what sizes as well. We will not be accepting payments online for the shirts at this time, so all orders will be in good faith – just like Mustaches for Kids!

Don’t forget to register for the Sweet Stache Competition!!



Low End Theory October Podcast

October 2, 2007

Mix tape madness

Is it October already? Wasn’t it just 1992 last week? Time flies when you have the funk! First thing is first; we had a complaint that last months podcast was too funky. Now we have heard a lot of strange things in our lives but if someone ever says that something is ‘too funky’ they better be talking about a skunk or something. If they say it about music it better be said with a wide grin and prefixed with ‘Hot Damn now that is….’ Music can never be too funky, if it did we would be lifting off in the Mothership with George and Bootsie as our co-pilots. Not that would be Too Funky, here me now.

We are going all over the map again this month with a podcast packed with some fantastic aural treats. Starting it off we have the Bay areas very own DJ Shadow with Fixed Income off his amazing live album – In Tune and On Time. Next up is the mysterious Clutchy Hopkins. If you’ve been living above ground you probably haven’t heard of Clutchy – yet! A few months ago Ubiquity Records announced that it had signed Clutchy to a record deal. This announcement had a picture of Clutchy, a rather spaced out looking street guy. Very strange. Since that post the quest to find out who Clutchy Hopkins is began. There are many people out there speculating on who or what he is, visit Canerican for a lowdown on links. I’m not sure if anyone will know as no one has seen Clutchy in a long time, maybe the release on Ubiquity will answer some questions. Sliding out of CH is the great Digable Planets with Highing Fly off Blowout Comb. Next up it’s a pair of funk tracks; Speedometer with Accra International Airport and the Bamboos with Pussy Footin’. Audio Infunktion provides the lo fi remix of Ancient Astronauts 36 hours. That is some straight up B Boy ish. The percussionists from Tortoise got together with Stones Throw and released an album of break and things, we doubled up there Crass Jenny to full effect. Keeping the B Boy vibe alive is Braile with their track Fresh Coast. Freddie Cruger AKA the Beatconductor drops in for his remix of MC Lyte’s Goes to My Head. Not too long ago a remix album of Bob & the Wailers called Roots, Rock, Remixed came out and this one is actually pretty good. Afrodisiac Sound System give Soul Shakedown Party to once or twice over. LET faves Noiseshaper keep the riddims flowing with The Creator. Smith & Mighty stay in the groove with No Justice ft. Rudy Lee before the space pimp himself Quasimoto shows up for the Return of the Loop Digga. Before I knew any better I pictured Quasimoto as a short shady MF. A spaced out Pimp that would shank you for a nickel. Quas/Madlib share a little skit that many diggers go through looking for one beat then they hit us with some raw funk, rapping about David Axelrod and diggin for loops. MF Doom sneaks in from another Clutchy remix before Quantic Soul Orchestra takes us back to the funk with Walking Through Tomorrow. The Poets of Rhythm keep the metering running with Eulogize the Source. Pnu Riff take us back to some Afro-Funk days with Bula making way for Quantic and Ohmega Watts to take us home with Ticket to Know Where.

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Marvin Gaye

Marvin Pentz Gay Jr, man what a voice.

From his early hits at Motown up until his untimely death Marvin Gaye soothed many souls with his amazing voice. Originally a drummer for Motown Marvin recorded as a session drummer for such hits as the Marvelettes ‘Please Mr. Postman’ and Little Stevie Wonders’ Fingertips Pt 2 but it would be his monumental album ‘What’s Going On’ that would set him apart.

Marvin was known as a duet singer for most of the sixties, singing with Mary Wells, Kim Weston and Tammi Terrell. It was with Terrell that many of Marvin’s early classics were recorded. Terrell collapsed on stage with Marvin in 1967 and health began to deteriorate. A brain tumor would ultimately take her life in 1970 and Marvin was crushed. Telling friends he was going to quit music the itch was too much and he began recording with the Motown house band, The Funk Brothers.

Told from the point of view of a Vietnam Vet returning from war seeing nothing but injustice, suffering and hatred. What’s Going On rolls from one track to the next, serving as both a protest against a war many Americans didn’t want and also against, it would seem, mental suffering. It was this last element that would play such a large roll in Marvin’s life. Marvin’s father cast a long shadow which led him to adopt an ‘e’ to the end of Gay to distinguish between him and his father. This shadow would ultimately be his downfall with his father killing him the day before his 45th birthday in 1984. I can still remember exactly where I was when word come over the radio that that amazing voice, that ‘Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby, that ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’ voice, the one who told to us ‘Get it On’ would no longer be with us. I was young but I was still crushed. The man had his problems but I never knew any of them. It was his music that meant the world to me and in one fell swoop he was gone.

Marvin recorded a lot of music in his time and we should all be thankful. Even his alimony record Here, My Dear has some amazing tracks on it and is worth a revisit.

He was a lover, a social activist and man of many troubles but he will always be just Marvin to us. Just remember one thing – ‘Everything is Everything’, oh and ‘This is a groovy party, Man. I can dig it’

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

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Startup Weekend Houston – Check out TipDish

September 30, 2007

Startup Weekend Houston is on it’s third and final day here at the Method Agency and the team is going strong. Lunch has arrived and each team is stocking up on the nutrients they need to keep them going. Why do they need nutrients? TipDish http://tipdish.com/!

TipDish ‘is a social media directory and wire service that connects companies, organizations, PR and Marketing Professionals with the leaders and influencers in social media.  It exists to give bloggers, podcasters and videocasters (dishers) direct, targeted access to the latest news and information from communications professionals (tippers).’

This is a very interesting concept for bloggers and PR types that want to get the word out on a variety of topics. Now there is/will be a direct source for ‘leaders in social and marketing communications professions’ to ‘accurately and effectively connect both both sides with the right information for their audiences.’

The name TipDish was one of three finalists after an elevator pitch session beating out MediaConnectr and MediaMatchup. TipDish has a cool new tag line as well – Communicate W/ Influence.

Dishers and Tippers can sign up for beta testing here http://tipdish.com/.


Babyshambles – Delivery

September 18, 2007

Ok, say what you want about Pete Doherty                 Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s review the new Babyshambles single – Delivery



This guy is a supreme tool but his music more than makes up for it. The Libertines were a great, albeit short lived band and Babyshambles seems to be chugging along quite nicely. What are the other blokes up to? Check out Dirty Pretty Things, top notch as well!